PTA Forms

PTA Volunteer Form

This form is distributed at the beginning of the school year for PTA members to sign up for events and other volunteer opportunities.

Building Set-Up Form

1 week prior to your event taking place, please fill out this form and return it to Martin Snook, Head Custodian, for set up related details.

Print Request Form

When copies are needed, please fill out this print request form and submit it with the item(s) to be copied to the PTA President and the Principal and/or Assistant Principal. After approvals are obtained, the copy request is taken to D15 Administrative Offices to the Reprographics Department.
Click here for a full description of Copy Procedures.

Cash Box Form

Cash box requests should be made on the Cash Box Request Form one week prior to the event. Be sure to include any special denominations (i.e. $10 in quarters, $100 in ones etc.).
When returning the Cash Box, only return the dollar amount initially requested in the Cash Box. Any additional funds are treated as a deposit toward your Committee/Event and must be accompanied by a Deposit Voucher (see attached). All deposits should be made immediately following the event. Cash should never go home with you.

Deposit Voucher

All deposits must include a Deposit Voucher, your signature and verified amount to be deposited. It’s important that we have checks and balances to keep our process transparent; therefore, two people should always count the money before being deposited by the Treasurer.
After your event is over, please count the money and turn in all monies and checks to the PTA Treasurer NO LATER THAN 48 HOURS AFTER YOUR EVENT , unless it is over a weekend, then 72 hours. Please fill out this form and include your signature. The treasurer will then count all the monies and include their signature.

Plan of Work

The Plan of Work should be filled out by all Committee Chairpersons requesting a budget for the upcoming school year. It must be turned in no later than June 1st for the upcoming school year. Please include as much detail as possible and turn in to the upcoming PTA President.

Interest Form

This the PTA Board Application/Committee Interest Form.

Expense Form

This the PTA Expense Voucher Form. The expense voucher form should be submitted to Colleen Meyers (President) for approval first before submitting to the treasurer. The Treasurer can only reimburse your expenses if all invoices/receipts are attached to the Expense Voucher.

End of Year Form

The End of Year report should be filled out by all PTA Committee Chairpersons before the end of the school year.